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We are committed to Open Source Technology in term of promote awareness, supply, services and development of 5 complete Open Source solution platforms.

  • Total Office IT Solution (smaRtOffice)
  • Total Voice Solution (smaRtPBX)
  • Total IP Element Management Solution (SITA EMS I, II, III)
  • Total Enterprise Security using XDR, SIEM, SA (SITA SECURITY)
  • Total Meeting, Collaboration, Operation and Management Platform (SITA MEET LMS)

It is supported by latest technologies Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Dashboarding and XDR/SIEM.

Our Company's History

1993 - 1995

Design and installation of a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses.

1996 - 2000

Providing Outsourcing services to end users like SCB, CIMB, etc, and partnership with IBM, HP, NCR for their clients. Committed to IBMS Tenancy Billing System


Transition to Open Source Technology (VLC). These operating systems are much more lightweight compared to proprietary ones, allowing for improved performance.

2006 - 2012

Committed to Asterisk IP Telephony interms of promote awareness, supply, service and development as well as solutions with our smaRtPBX

2013 - Present

Committed to Open Source Technology in terms of promoting awareness, supply, services, complete developments of Open Source IT Office solution with our smaRtOffice.

15 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sita As Your Office IT Solution Development

Our total commitment to Open Source products and solutions and work closely with key technology owners and sponsors worldwide.

Proven experience in providing consultancy,support and services with thousands of installed sites in Malaysia and Asia region and number of sites are growing rapidly.

Our existing customers range from SMI/SME to MNC and major corporations including banking and finance, property,manufacturing and other horizontal industry sectors.

We were award recipient for our effort in Open Source promotion and deployment in Asia.

We initiated awareness, promotion and support of Open Source Technology in Malaysia and the region with professional commitment of our services.

Provide full levels of support expected from major corporations with SLAs.

We are committed to both cut and save cost of your capital investment,software licenses,support and maintainance services without compromising the expected level of services and support expected of corporate vendors.

Experienced and pioneer in Banking and Financial industry computerization.

Our team consists of technical expertise gained with major corporates exposures like AT & T,Cisco,Microsoft as well as LAMP technologies.

We have expertise in R & D, support, services, software development and distribution business related to Open Source Technology.

We pioneered in structured cabling system,SI, outsourcing,IBMS Tenancy Billing, Asterisk IP­Telephony and other Open Source technologies with a team of experienced support specialists and management.

Technical competent and proven expertise in major industry and project development and deployment in Malaysia and Asia with major corporates exposures like NCR,AT & T, Cisco,IBM and MS.

We are a group of company who has expertise in services,development and distribution business of Open Source Technology. Commitment to Open Source Community.

We understand Open Source technologies and its communities and we share our knowledge and expertise to all parties who is willing to participate.

We understand Open Source technologies and its communities and we share our knowledge and expertise to all parties who is willing to participate.

Sita Group Of Company

SitaNetwork is part of out Point Of Sale (POS) Development and Cloud subscription. We also provide consultancy services for network design and environment.
Sita New Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.

Sita New Multimedia is dedicated to supporting the unique needs of clients solution for Phone system in Malaysia, ERP, CRM, HRM, voice in addition with total IT office and VoIP solution.

Sita Shop

Sita Shop is our online retail shop which targets and provides focus onto our products and services to our clients. Customers will also get to compare the products available.

Our Products and Services include :


smaRtOffice is the combination of office solution such as ERP , CRM, HRM, Dashboarding, Sales & Marketing , Workflow Authorization and Security & Backup to create the best solution for small, medium and large enterprise.


SitaEMS is an open source monitoring system which checks the availability of your network resources, notifies users of outages and generates data for reporting.


smaRtPBX is Asterisk IP PBX and VoIP system provider. We provide IP PBX solutions such as Asterisk IP PBX, Unified Communication, VoIP telephony, voice recording, audio and video conferencing, call center, VoIP IVR and so on.


The objective of SitaSecurity is security. It's easy to configure firewall engine and intrusion Detection System prevent attackers from breaking into your network.


SitaMeeting offers a browser based meeting environment with encrypted audio and video conferencing, business meeting, class, presentation, document sharing, chat, and other useful features.


Provides implementation and support services to client's solution on office solution, VoIP solutions, enterprise IP management and latest cost effective technologies.

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